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Hintergrund mit Farbverlauf



Elena Hoffmann:

Freelance artist and teacher.

I am originally from the Caucasus, Russia. I currently live in Germany at the Lake of Constance.



- Art School, Russia

- Free Art Academy Artpassion,
in Dornbirn, Austria


- Draftswoman in a design office

- Illustrator

- Lecturer for art courses at the free art academy Artpassion in Dornbirn, Austria

Direction of painting:

- Abstract realism


Acrylic, water, structure paste, rust, construction dust, bitumen

Abstract Realism is an incredible direction of painting where images and meanings are born through one's inner state. It only takes a few brush strokes and you can feel what's going to happen on the canvas. It gives me a feeling of inner freedom and drive. There is no right or wrong, everything is allowed here.

You can paint with charcoal, you can use structure paste or rust. I attach particular importance to the tried and tested, ecological Aquarylic paints, which were developed by an Austrian artist with whom I study and work. These create the beautiful effect of watercolor paints on the canvas. All this creates new and unique color effects, images and meanings.
It is important to me that the viewer can feel the feelings and emotions that are embedded in my pictures. So everyone will have their own when they will consider.

T-Shirt Design by Elena Hoffmann
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